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Gxrls revolution has been hosting art events since 2022. Explore all of our past, current and upcoming events!

Gxrls Revolution & The SandBox at the Polygon Labs event - Paris
February 2024

An immersive experience powered by The SandBox for the Polygon Labs and NFT Paris side-event "Nous nous sommes déjà rencontrés" featuring the works of: Inès Alpha, Linda Dounia, Mélissa Martinez, Princess Tuti, Sasha Stiles.

We specifically selected FlashMat, a pioneering company in the realm of AR, perfectly suited to complement the mesmerizing 3D makeup lenses crafted by Ines Alpha, a leader in augmented reality on platforms like Snapchat. At our exhibition, visitors will be treated to the extraordinary experience of having their portraits enhanced by the artist's futuristic lenses, with the option to take home a printed memento and share their digital photos across social media platforms.

Gxrls Revolution & Marais Digit'art at The Sandbox - Paris. September 2023

This event featured the works of Albertine Meunier, Barbara Bezina, Constance Valero, Fatimah Hossaini, Ines Rychlik, Ines Alpha, Lisa McKenna, luluxxx, Makam, Marjan Moghaddam, Marissa Noana, Marine Bléhaut, MarzipanPhysics, Paola Pinna, Princess Tutti.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at

"WAGMI..." at Ihal Gallery - Paris. ETHCC Side-Event. July 2023

An artistic proposal by Gxrls Revolution and co-produced by Jean-Michel Pailhon and powered by Dan Polko featuring: Aempatia, Albertine Meunier, Aloha Leila, Angelika Kollin, byviki, Cazlab, Eliza Struthers-Jobin, Fatimah Hossaini, Floriane Lisowski, Ines Alpha, Irina Angles, Ivona Tau, June Kim , Katerina Vakulinska, Lenni Bochkaryova, Lisa McKenna, Luluxxx, Marine Bléhaut, Marjan Moghaddam, Nickelly Garbaje, NurArt, Paola Pinna, Princess Tuti, Sandra Elderberry, Stellabelle.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 14.51.21.png

"I AM..." at Iham Gallery - Paris. March 2023

An artistic proposal by Gxrls Revolution and co-produced by Jean-Michel Pailhon, featuring: Amanda Homem, Barbara Bezina, Brandfuet, CECHK, Constance Valero, Eleni Tomadaki, Florencia S.M.Brück, Hermine Bourdin, Iness Rychlik, Jenni Pasanen, JessyJeanne, Lauren Moffatt, Linda Dounia, Makam, Marissa Noana, Marzipan Physics, Megan Laurent, Miss Al Simpson, Rebecca Fiaschi, Sarisa Kojima, Sasha Katz, Sophia Kay, Squirterer, Violet Forest, Yinkore.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 14.38.50.png
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