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Gxrls Revolution
X FlashMat

Gxrls Revolution and Flashmat united to showcase artist Ines Alpha's work during NFT Paris!

300 prints were captured from the photobooth at the event.

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On February 23rd during the event "Nous nous sommes déjà rencontrés." organized by Polygon Labs and The Sandbox, Gxrls Revolution contributed to making the event immersive with VJing by artists Linda Dounia, Sasha Stiles, Mélissa Martinez and Princess Tuti, a performance by Seiko Phoenix, and an interactive booth by Ines Alpha.


The guests had the pleasure to try out Ines Alpha's glossy, futuristic AR looks including Lens Alpha Beauty Booth, Lens HyperEmotionalSkin, and Lens Sci fi Liner and leave with a print as a souvenir of the experience. We specifically selected FlashMat, a pioneering company in the realm of AR, perfectly suited to complement the mesmerizing 3D makeup lenses crafted by Ines Alpha, a leader in augmented reality on platforms like Snapchat.

Ines Alpha, a globally acclaimed digital artist, began her 3D experimentation while working as an art director in the beauty industry. She then developed her distinctive style: 3D makeup. Utilizing 3D software to merge makeup with technology, Ines embraces a forward-thinking approach to craft ethereal, futuristic narratives and shape the future of the beauty industry. Since 2019, she has been uploading her lenses to Snapchat, establishing herself as a pioneer in Augmented Reality filters. In addition, she collaborates with numerous brands including Prada Beauty, Clarins, Dior Makeup, Nike, and more. 

Photo Booth Experience

Dicover Ines Alpha's interactive booth powered by FlashMat.

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